Some convincing reasons

Human milk is a unique food containing the right balance of right nutrients designed by nature for the infants. Feeding babies on breast milk is a healthy way to ensure that the entire spectrum of body functions keep themselves on the right track away from diseases for the child's entire life.

  • Breastfed babies develop salubrious eating habit in later stages of life by being able to properly read and trust their body signals regarding quantum of food to be consumed. Infants fed on human milk are highly conscious of amount of food to consume depending upon the fatty content and requirement of body. This prevents them from getting obese and falling prey to multitude of chronic diseases later on.

  • The sucking action that accompanies breast feeding ensures proper jaw alignment and shape of palate. The complex action involving movement of tongue and facial muscles does away the need of any orthodontic work in later adulthood. Snoring is eliminated and the risk of obstructive sleep apnea is greatly reduced. Unobstructed air flow during sleep is ensured resulting in a disease free life.

  • The high cholesterol content in human milk makes the liver efficiently metabolize cholesterol from early on. This greatly reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and chances of having arterosclerotic plaques.

  • Type 1 diabetes mellitus is less likely to attack breastfed babies due to the delayed introduction of cow's milk in them. The lower insulin release in breastfed babies act as a protective shield against falling prey to hereditary diabetes.

  • Breast milk is conducive to formation of sufficient amount of myelin in body which is a potent shield against falling prey to degenerative muscle disease named Multiple sclerosis in later stages of life.

  • Breastfeeding keeps babies at a safe distance from allergies and asthma. Human milk is rife with anti allergens that effectively build immunity against any allergen attacks. Human milk also delays the introduction of allergenic food like cow milk and soy protein in babies' diet that gives ample time to body's immune structure to become adequately mature and strong.

  • The digestive system of the baby becomes sufficiently strong to be able to breakdown complex food and pass on the nutrients to the blood stream for maximum benefits. Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis never happens and the question of contracting childhood cancer never arises.

  • Breast feeding is a potential money saver. A onetime pump purchase or renting an electric pump of hospital grade may prove to be cheaper than buying formulas. Breastfed babies are less susceptible to contracting infections which implies paying the doctor lesser visits and fewer dollars.

  • The process of pumping, storing the milk and transporting it to home will make the mother feel connected to the baby even while they are physically apart.

  • Mothers can eagerly look forward to a reunion of warm and cuddly nature at the breast after long separation hours from baby while breast feeding.

  • Baby will feel the love and tender care of her mother for long which no substitute nurse can offer.

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