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Having a baby is exciting, but post natal considerations like breast feeding should take precedence while chalking out a suitable health regime for infants, as human milk is fraught with nutrients whose beneficial effect last long till late adulthood.

Why is breastfeeding so good for my baby?

Human milk comes loaded with essential protein, sugar, fat, and vitamins that are uniquely designed by nature for newborns. The mother's milk fortifies the immune system of the body making it potent enough to ward off infectious onslaught of diseases like ear infections, wheezing, Pneumonia, diarrhea, bronchiolitis, meningitis, allergies ,vomiting and others.

The human milk is easier for the newborns to digest and need not be artificially prepared. It efficiently makes way for easy absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream and cuts down on wastages.

Take right advice

Before baby's birth, the mother should read and watch videos pertaining to breast feeding and consult other actual mothers who have breastfed. Obstetrician, pediatrician, local hospital's lactation consultants, Prenatal instructors should be consulted and taken advice from. Visiting a community gathering of La Leche League International will also help learning about breastfeeding by offering real life visuals of breast feeding process.

Guide for breast feeding should start within the first hour after birth and doctors should be consulted about the compatibility of medications being administered and any possible ill effects if they pass on to the baby through breast milk.

First feeding after delivery

Breast feeding questions may arrive while first baby delivery the baby is to be placed on the chest or abdomen of mother after delivery and breast feeding should commence within half an hour. Mothers who have vaginal delivery should lie on their side with the baby facing her. The baby is to be held in the cradle position with the crook of mother's arm supporting baby's head.

The baby's back and buttocks is to be firmly supported while feeding making his glance directed at mother and not on ceiling. For mothers with Cesarean section delivery, they should sit up with some extra pillows supporting the baby and protecting her incision. Next, she should lie down on her side with baby facing her and a side sitting hold is to be adopted while breast feeding. The mother should make herself comfortable and should not feel shy to summon help.

Benefits of proper latch on

The nipple and majority of the areola should be pulled well inside the mouth of baby with the baby's lips and gums positioned securely around the areola and certainly not only on nipple.

Correct latch on has numerous benefits like :
  • Ensuring adequate and better milk flow.
  • Prevents nipples from getting sore
  • Maintains the satisfaction level of babies by making them feel filled.
  • A good milk supply is stimulated
  • Prevents engorgement of the breasts from happening.
Taking care of breasts during feeding

The milk changes from colostrums to a skim appearance within third or fourth day of breastfeeding. The feel of the breast will change from soft to firm. The nipples are to be gently patted to dry between feedings to prevent them from getting irritated. Medical grade modified lanolin can be applied on nipples to avert dryness. A nursing pad is to be used catch the leaking milk from nipples.

Breastfeeding also makes way for physical contact, closeness, and warmth which is conducive to creating a special bond shared by a mother and her baby.

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