Why is it required ?

Breast feeding fortifies the baby's immune system making way for all round wholesome growth and development with effects that continue to extend their benefit till late adulthood. It is paramount, therefore for expecting mothers to have the right knowledge about breast feeding child to save the child from any inconvenience and also stop sore nipples and other bodily discomforts from happening.

La Leche League accredits volunteer mothers with experience in breastfeeding as Lactation Consultants or Breastfeeding educators. These educators are well versed with latest research findings pertaining to proper nursing. They provide practical Breast feeding education and valuable support to nursing mothers through monthly support groups meetings, over telephone and lending libraries.

Breast feeding education paves way for better feeding through a dedicated mission of mother-to-mother support bailing out correct information, right advice, education and encouragement to new mothers. This fosters a clearer understanding of breastfeeding as a key component promoting the wholesome development of the mother and baby.

Many academic, non-commercial, short course on the rudiments of breastfeeding geared for mothers are available which provide vital clues and tips for better feeding. The courses tailored for providing to the point education emanates from widespread interest in enhancing the quality of child care and in integrating knowledge about the needs of the developing child.

Right Breast feeding education enhances public knowledge base of the worthiness of fostering, protecting and affirming breastfeeding as the index to gauge infant growth and development. Appropriate child feeding practices are inculcated in all strata of motherhood. A positive attitude toward breastfeeding as a good choice for mothers and their infants is shaped through proper education freeing from set notions imprinted through cultural, emotional and social forces throughout women's life.

Breast feeding education teaches mother about the positive role played by this complex biological fluid in enhancing optimal development of brain through passing on the right amount of nutrients in the blood stream of child. Malnutrition, hearing and learning challenges can be kept at bay by protecting baby against these illnesses through breast milk.

Feeding the breast milk takes care of frequent interaction that opens baby's exposure to right social behavior, language and noteworthy stimuli. Visual development is fostered leading to increased focus and concentration causing readiness to read and learn. The psychological bonding which develops between the infant and the mother is unparalleled and does not have any alternative.

Breastfed children are seven times less vulnerable to respiratory ailments caused by maternal smoking than those who have never been breastfed. Meeting with women who share common interest of breast-feeding certainly helps in bolstering a mother's commitment to nursing. Breast feeding education also emphasizes on the right diet for mothers to reduce the Problems of breast feeding that will supplement the cholostrum with adequate amount of nutrients that apart from satiating the baby's hunger will soothe his appetite too.

One also come to know that breast feeding for longer duration is good too and normal myths shrouding the concept are ruthlessly shattered in the light of newer scientific evidences. Right knowledge with right mindset is what Breast feeding education attempts to achieve.

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